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Now Offering Virtual Visits!

We will be using a HIPAA-compliant platform where we will be able to virtually examine your child for certain issues. We will not be able to use telemedicine for all types of illnesses or conditions. However, in some cases, if your child has a mild illness that does not need an in-person visit, we may be able to briefly examine virtually and give reassurance and recommendations.

Symptoms that can be addressed:

Cold and cough symptoms
Upper Respiratory symptoms
Conjunctivitis (“Pink Eye”)

Newborn concerns:


umbilical cord

eye discharge


Telemedicine appointments will be available
Monday through Friday throughout the day and Saturdays 9am -12pm.

Book an appointment by calling the office at 516-588-3888.

Please note: Telemedicine visits are billed to your insurance and may go toward your deductible. You will also have a Copay according to your plan’s rules, the same as it would be for in-person visits.

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